Tuesday, October 25, 2011

[busy] In The City!

These past two weeks have been very fun and we’ve experienced a lot of great things. Fall is in full swing and while we haven’t seen the trees change as drastically as I had hoped, we are still getting outside to enjoy the cool air before it turns down-right cold.

Two weekends ago, I made the short trek over to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass) and attended The Creator’s Project with Gustavo and Lau. Artists from all over the world had their work on display and we got the chance to walk on, play with and lay under many of the pieces. How neat are these things?

"Love" - my kind of graffiti
This past weekend, Ruben and I decided to venture into the city and walk around an area that we were not too familiar with – Avenue of the Americas! (nearest to Central Park). Ruben wanted to go to Nike Town and has been talking about making it there since we moved – so, we made it happen. The area is extremely nice and had a few things to offer. We stumbled into the “Sony Technology Lab”, which is kind of a technology museum of sorts. It was pretty neat. Following the lab, we walked down to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and spied on a Bride and Groom who were tying the knot! As always, I had such a great time exploring with my Mr.

These next few weeks are going to be insane. As you (might) know, my sister is due to have Baby Elliot at any time. In preparation for his big arrival, I am leaving for Indiana this week and will be up there for a few weeks to help Michele after he is born. I cannot even begin to express the emotions that I am feeling, so I cannot imagine how Michele and Eric must feel. Here’s to hoping the labor, delivery and recovery go smoothly (and that Michele might finally be able to get some sleep). Yay for big changes!

Oh, and even though I absolutely despise Halloween, this pumpkin, which currently adorns the lobby of our building, is too good not to share. 

Mickey "Rat" - because he is much too big to be a mouse. 

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