Thursday, July 28, 2011

[baffled] In The City!

After just seven weeks in the city, I am back in Florida for my bridal shower!

In preparation for my trip, I reserved a car to pick me up from our building at 5:45 a.m. I like to pretend that I know where we are going, but since we don’t drive and it is not very often that we are above ground when we are commuting, I tend to get turned around. After completely convincing myself that my driver was taking me to LGA and not JFK, we arrived at the correct airport. What would I have done?! After making my way through security and refusing to pay for a bagel with a long hair on top, I hopped on my flight headed to Orlando.

Upon boarding the plane, I headed down the aisle toward my row, climbed into the window seat and assessed the passengers around me. I consider flying to be quite relaxing and I look forward to early morning/late evening flights so that I can just close my eyes and disconnect for a while. I began falling asleep when I heard the little kid in front of me start to make funny noises. I opened my eyes just in time for him to pull his cellphone out of its “harness”, cock it back and begin to use it as a “gun”. He pointed the cellphone toward the window and began picking off targets one by one. “Boom,” he said as he shot. The first target was the airplane at the next gate, the second target was the folks packing the luggage and the third target was a plane taking off in the distance.

I turned my head to see if his parents noticed what he was doing. Totally immersed in their conversation, they had not heard a thing. Now, I get it – he is a little kid and probably doesn’t understand the severity of the situation, but come on!  I turned back to look at the kid who, not even 30 seconds prior was on a killing spree, and he had put on a Disney hat and snuggled into the window like nothing happened. Oh boy.  

It was really difficult to leave Ruben in the final days before he takes the NAPLEX, but I am confident that he will do well! While I am here, I will be meeting with some potential wedding vendors, spending mucho time with my family and getting a refill on my Diet Coke everywhere I go J I’m so excited to share the details from my weekend in my next post.  Until then!

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  1. HAVE to see AND hear Kelley tell the story about the little boy on the airplane!!! I laughed soooo hard last night and giggle with the reminder... Can't express how happy I am to have my kids all home and together this weekend. <3<3<3