Monday, August 8, 2011

[showered] In The City! (Orlando Edition)

Huge apologies for my lack of updates! It has been a very busy two weeks and we’ve had a lot to celebrate. As you might have read, last week I was back in Orlando for my oh-so-amazing, not –very-typical, perfectly-sweet Bridal Shower. A huge thanks to my top ladies (Mama, Michele, Shannon, Gina and Ashley) for putting together a shower that I will never forget.

Initially, I was against having a shower. I find them to be stuffy, awkward and kind of cheesy; however, my girls planned one that was truly unique. We all met at All Fired Up!, a pottery painting studio in Winter Park. The girls had arranged to have a set of dishes painted by the guests at the shower so that Ruben and I would have a complete set that matched in terms of color, but were different and designed with love. We also played a trivia game where the girls asked Ruben questions ahead of time and recorded his answers. They passed out fun cards with the questions and answers and the guests took turns asking me the same questions. For every question I got wrong, I had to stick a grape in my mouth. I’d like to say that soared through the questions like a champ, but my honey is a trickster and was very witty with his answers. Ruben and I are truly blessed to have such an amazing friends and family and it was so great to catch up with those we left behind after the big move.

In addition to the shower, I was also able to meet with potential vendors for our wedding. Things are definitely not set in stone yet, but I am positive that we are on the right track. I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed and a little perplexed on how to make our “vision” come to life. After meeting with our florist and working on some very southern, shabby-chic, DIY projects with my mom and sister, things are finally coming to life. Three women, 2 scissors? I think so. Vintage glass vases and oversized fabric boutonnieres – even better. March cannot get here soon enough!

While I was in Orlando, Ruben was taking the much anticipated NAPLEX. After he graduated pharmacy school back in May, he began studying for the NAPLEX, the biggest test that he would ever take. Broken into two parts, we just found out that he passed the clinical portion of the exam. This coming Saturday, he will take the MPJE, which is the Federal and New York law portion of the exam. I’m sure that I speak for both us of when I say, “Finally!” Ruben is the most dedicated person that I know and I am confident that he will do well and that we will have the opportunity to celebrate him becoming a licensed pharmacist soon!  We are already planning how we will celebrate. Check out this prefixed menu from Morton’s Steakhouse. This restaurant is located a mere 0.2 miles away from our studio and the smells that tickle our noses are intoxicating; needless to say, we’re excited.

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