Tuesday, August 23, 2011

[massages & packages] In The City!

For the first time in 2 months, Ruben had a weekend off! We had absolutely nothing ‘scheduled’ for the weekend, save for catching up on sleep, and were excited to take the city by storm. After stumbling out of bed around 11, we got dressed and headed out for the day.

We’ve learned very quickly that New Yorker’s really, really, really like brunch and decided to get our eat on. We ended up at Verde, a delish eatery, which offers a great drink special – all you can drink Mimosa’s, Bellini’s, Screwdrivers, Bloody Mary’s and Champagne, in addition to their super yummy food. I’m not a drinker, but decided to celebrate Ruben’s new found freedom and had a fun afternoon filled with good conversation, infectious laughs and yummy mango bellinis.

After a few bellini's :)

After we left Verde, we headed into the city to go shopping. We ended up in SoHo and spent the rest of the day walking up and down Broadway. While we were walking, Ruben and I found a little market tucked into a narrow alley and decided to venture in. The market was packed tightly with silk vendors, countless textiles and a little hut that specialized in Asian massages. While we were walking by, one of the workers grabbed Ruben and started rubbing his shoulders. The gentleman encouraged Ruben to get a back rub and Ruben was able to talk him into giving him one for $5 – that is a 50% savings, folks! It was quite the sight. At one point, Ruben had three different people rubbing his back and shoulders. He said that it felt good – I was convinced that they were going to steal his wallet – regardless, it was fun.

We spent the rest of the evening shopping and I even scored a super cute pair of flats for the wedding. They are fabulous! Curious? Let’s just say they add a little blue ‘sparkle’ to my bridal wardrobe.

On Sunday I decided to go to Target by myself. Taking the trains by myself has been something that I have had a hard time dealing with. I often feel overwhelmed and vulnerable and prefer to commute with a partner; however, Ruben had to work on a project and we needed some stuff from the store. I mustered up my courage, grabbed my shopping list and headed out. Target is only a few stops away and I was comforted knowing that I would be above ground in no time. The train arrived and I got on. On the next stop, the doors opened and in walked a crazy man carrying a bag of cans. The man was talking to himself and staring at people as he walked by and of course, sat right next to me. He slumped down in the seat and knocked his head pretty hard on the wall. I sat there straight faced and ready to respond to whatever could happen - luckily, nothing did :) Target was great. 3 hours and $150 later, we had the things that we needed. Ruben welcomed me home with a big hug and one simple word, "Congratulations!" I was proud of myself, too.

Yesterday we received a very special package in the mail. Since moving up here, my oh-so-amazing and way-too-thoughtful mama has sent Ruben and I 2 care packages. Packed full of all sorts of goodies, we eagerly await their arrival and cannot wait to tear into them – I’m telling you, we feel like kids on Christmas morning. Check out the goodies that she sent this time:

Thanks, Mama! 
Today I’m heading to Indiana for my sister’s baby shower. I’m so excited to spend time with her, my mom and the Snyder’s. Baby Elliot will be here before we know it!

Expect an update soon! J


  1. how did you get $150 worth of stuff from Target home on the train??! Did you carry it?

  2. There is a car service right outside of Target, so I took a car home. It seems to be the regular when I go to Target :)